Hot Stone/Thermal Palms

Hot stone massage involves heating specialized basalt stones and applying them to the body using long flowing techniques. It is a deeply relaxing treatment and can also be very therapeutic when combined with deeper techniques. The heat from the stones help to relax and soothe tight sore muscles. The stone temperature is monitored by the therapist safely throughout. It is not recommended for pregnant clients. Book today!


Thermal palms is an alternative to hot stone therapy that uses soft heated sachets that contour to the body while delivering deep heat to muscles and joints. The deep heat increases circulation and allows the muscles to become more pliable thus more responsive to massage techniques. 

Suitable for:

Clients with chronic muscle tension, joint pain, stress/anxiety, and those who enjoy a warm relaxing massage.

*please note this modality is not suitable for those with uncontolled high blood pressure, heart disease, acute injuires or pregnancy.

Fees include HST:

60 Min-$107.00

75 Min-$122.00

90 Min-$137.00