Naturopathic Medicine



Naturopathic medicine is a subset of healthcare which focuses on treating patients as a whole person and emphasizes the prevention of disease states. As naturopathic doctors, we try to find the underlying cause of the condition, which includes taking a full health history, doing physical exams, and sometimes may include recommending lab testing. We use natural therapies including but not limited to botanicals, acupuncture, vitamins and supplements, and nutrition and lifestyle counselling to help you achieve both your health goals, and the goals that are necessary to living a healthy, happy life. All licensed naturopathic doctors are clinically trained and have graduated from a 4-year accredited naturopathic medical school, after having completed an undergraduate degree.

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Unsure if naturopathy is right for you?  Dr. Alisa Murli offers a free 10-15 minute phone consultation to discuss whether naturopathy can benefit you!